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Really? Cryptozoology?

Disturbed Thoughts

Staff member
There are some involved in the horror genre who don’t see Cryptozoology as a ‘valid’ sub-genre of Horror – despite there being a large amount of investigation groups, websites, and books relating to the subject.

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if you are one of these people it is important to remember that seeing a creature in the middle of nowhere that you can not easily identify can be frightening.

There are numerous reports of sightings, sounds, and even pictures and other types of evidence to support that there are creatures out there that scientists have simply not been identified yet.

Which is why the team here at Horror Australia are opening our arms at full width to welcome any and all persons interested in Cryptozoology, we offer you a place to tell your stories, what you have seen, provide drawings or photos of what sort of evidence you have captured to back up your stories or investigations and to leave links to your yourtube or vimeo videos.

If you are a research group, or a group established just to try and get to the bottom of reports then use the contact form to get in touch and we would be more than happy to add you to our database so that all people interested in Cryptozoology can track you down.