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Horror Australia to officially launch

Disturbed Thoughts

Staff member
Hello and welcome to Horror Australia,
On behalf of the entire team here at Horror Australia we would like to welcome you all to our little slice of the internet, and thank you for coming to check out our forums otherwise known as message boards.

We have opted to set up this section, rather than a Facebook Group, in order to allow you to discuss anything and everything relating to the horror industry without everyone on Facebook including friends and family knowing your business.

Here you will be able to assume an identity that can hide your real one, and allows you to participate in any and all discussions that you want to take part in.

PLEASE NOTE: We were just hours away from officially launching our website and then the new year came and to add to the joyful occasion many of the systems we use to power this website decided to release an update to their software, these updates broke certain parts of our website and we are therefore working on rectifying these issues before finally launching.

We do apologize for the delay but we can assure you that the wait will be worth it.